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Classes and Training


SDI Open Water Diver


Interested in diving? SDI Open Water Diver is your first step towards becoming a diver. You will begin your journey by studying basic dive theory. We will then progress into pool where you will learn basic propulsion, buoyancy and skills in a safe and controlled environment and lastly, when you are ready, you will conduct four open water dives under instructor supervision. By the time, you are done , you will be trained to dive to a depth of 60 feet while breathing compressed air.

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Image by Aviv Perets

SDI Advanced Adventure Diver


Your next step into diving! The SDI Advanced Adventure course will give you an overview of five different SDI specialties. Two of the required specialties are the Deep Diving and Underwater Navigation, which are the foundation of continuing diver education. The remaining specialty dives you can opt for include:

  • Advanced Buoyancy Control

  • Computer Nitrox Diver

  • Night Diver

  • Wreck Diver

  • Many more!

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Divers Training in Pool

SDI Rescue Diver


Can you manage a dive that has gone wrong? My rescue diving course is based on accident analysis and I teach how to manage some of the more common problems.  The rescue certification course is designed to develop the knowledge and necessary skills for an individual to effectively perform diver rescues and assists so that you can become a dafer and more confident diver in the group.

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SDI Advanced Buoyancy

199.00 USD

Can you hover perfectly still at a given spot like a helicopter? Or do you find yourself constantly moving like an airplane in order to prevent from crashing? SDI Advanced Buoyancy course is designed to increase divers understanding of the factors that influence buoyancy, and to train them in advanced buoyancy control methods. Glide through the ocean effortlessly, hold perfectly still in one place, extend your dive time, reduce your air consumption and free your hands for camera, line laying etc. No matter what your diving interest, having perfect buoyancy is the key to success.

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SDI Computer Nitrox


Extend your bottom time! Nitrox is a breathing gas that has a lot of benefits for both new and experienced divers. This course will cover the use of nitrox mixtures from 22 to 40 percent oxygen.

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Scuba Equipment

SDI Equipment Specialist 


This course is designed to give an in-depth look at how dive equipment works. It will cover general repairs and maintenance of various types of exposure suits, BCD’s, regulators, and other accessories.

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SDI Deep Diver


Feeling ready to venture deeper? SDI Deep Diver course is intended to train you to safely dive to a depth of 130 feet. Besides skill development, this course will cover history of dive tables, nitrogen narcosis, gas planning and consumption and special equipment considerations. This course will take you to the limits of recreational diving and my goal is to give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to conduct these dives.

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SDI Solo Diver


Rather than relying on the traditional buddy diving safety system, SDI Solo diver course develops self-sufficiency. Being one of SDI’s most popular courses, the Solo Diver course stresses proper dive planning, personal limitations, and accident prevention, as well as the benefits, hazards, and proper procedures for diving solo. You will also learn the additional equipment that is required for solo diving including its proper usage and assembly. This is the perfect course for underwater photography and underwater video divers as well as those diving with their children or buddies that may not be very experienced in scuba diving.

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SDI Wreck Diver


Would you like to dive and explore a world war submarine? How about a  cargo ship or an oil-tanker? SDI Wreck Diver course trains you to dive and explore ship wrecks. We will go over equipment, procedures and techniques employed to dive and explore wrecks.

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Underwater Photography

SDI Underwater Videographer


In this course you will learn how to use your underwater video set up to capture breath-taking video. You will also be given an introduction to video editing and how to market your video to television channels and media buying houses.

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TDI Introduction to Technical Diving


The TDI Intro to Tech course introduces students to the world of technical diving.  The objective of this course is to familiarize students with technical equipment configurations, to enhance open water diving skills (such as buoyancy, trim, advanced propulsion and situational awareness), and to introduce students to advanced gas planning techniques within a no-decompression context. This course is strictly a no-decompression course that will train students in precision diving.

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SDI Master Diver


The SDI Master Scuba Diver Development Program was created to make true master divers. The program requires a new open water diver to complete four SDI, TDI, or ERDI Specialties, the SDI Rescue Diver Course, and log 50 dives. SDI feels a diver will be a true master scuba diver after these steps accomplished.

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Image by Mael BALLAND

SDI Divemaster

1199 USD

The SDI Divemaster Course is the first professional level certification. During the course you will learn how to work with instructors, lead certified divers, and act as a dive guide showing divers underwater dive sites and the marine life that inhabits those dives sites. You will increase your knowledge about physics and physiology as well as increase your proficiency with your scuba and snorkeling skills.

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