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Everything You Need to Know

Do I need to know how to swim?

Yes! In order to start training, you should be able to swim for 200 meters non-stop, using any stroke. That means four relaxed laps of a 25 meter pool. Students should also be able to float for 10 minutes.

Once I am certified, should I be renting gear or owning my own?

I strongly believe in owning your own gear except for perhaps tanks. People who own their own equipment dive more since they are no longer paying rental on gear. Secondly, your gear must become an extension of your body so it is highly  recommended that you invest in your own diving equipment and configure it for your own personal diving needs.

Is diving an expensive hobby?

Most people travel to far away exotic locations and that gives the impression that diving is expensive. We, on the east coast are fortunate to be living close to some of the best diving in the world. Some of the most amazing dives in this area can be made without breaking the bank.

I want to be a professional. Where do I begin?

If you are a certified diver then talk to us about becoming a divemaster. This will be your entry into the world of professional diving.

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