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Gear Rental

The rental inventory at Depths Unlimited offers a wide variety of gear. Whether you are a single tank diver, on your way to your next tropical vacation, or an open circuit technical diver heading for your next decompression dive, we are equipped to support most of your equipment needs.


Single Tank


All our tanks come with pro-valves, that can be modified to fit both din and yoke regulators.


Twin Sets


We carry HP-100 and HP-117s for twin tank diving.


Stage Bottles

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Al-40 and AL 80 bottles available for your decompression needs.


Single-tank Regulator Set


HOG D1 primary, octo and Pressure Gauge/ These regulators come in DIN connection so ask for a DIN to YOKE adapter if necessary.

bcd PKG.jpg

BCD + Regulator Package


Weight integrated Element BCD with HOG D1 regulator and octo set and a Mares Computer.


Scuba Soft Weights

$.50 / Pound

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BCD (Jacket Style)


Element BCD with full weight integration. Weights not included.


Dive Computer


Wrist mounted Mares Puck Pro Plus computer.

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